At InstantCard we see varying types of businesses and government agencies who request ID cards through us. While these businesses and agencies have vastly different goals, they do have one thing in common: Their need for physical representation. Below is a 12-Point Checklist which applies to all businesses.

With such a requirement many do not consider the implications of issuing ID badges and the policies surrounding them. Policies are highly necessary for an item which is marked as required and understanding how to proceed or act in certain situations with this important item is crucial. Below, we have included a 12-Point Checklist which will help ensure an effective ID Card Policy implementation.

12-Point Checklist

1. Who is expected to carry an ID card?
2. What are the procedures for obtaining an ID card?
3. When are they expected to carry their ID cards?
4. Are the cards to be displayed, or simply available for inspection?
5. What should an employee do if he/she forgets his ID card?
6. What are the procedures for replacing a lost ID card?
7. Who should be contacted if someone finds a stray ID card?
8. What are the procedures concerning ID cards upon termination?
9. What is the expiration or replacement cycle for ID cards?
10. For ID cards with color codes or different formats, what do they signify?
11. What ID cards are required for visitors, vendors, contractors, temporary staff, etc.?
12. Where can employees find the policies/procedures?

If your company policy answers all or most of the questions above then the implementation of your ID card program should be very quick and smooth. In fact, a majority of our clients even include some of this information directly on the badges. For instance, most of our clients request an “If found, please return to/contact” address/phone number on the cards. This helps the company retrieve lost badges. Other companies request wording of “Upon termination, this ID card must be surrendered to ______”, expirations, and official language citing laws around the ID card or the individual’s title. If your company is a school, you may want to consider include suicide prevention information on the back of your ID badges. In fact, it might be required!

If your company has an ID card policy for what should be displayed on the cards you can always send it to us and we will review and design/alter your cards around your requirements.