InstantCard White-Label service for Security Dealers and Installers

White Label Service ScreenshotMany online stores never actually handle the goods they sell, they just promote products and take orders.  The actual fulfillment is handled for them by one of many warehousing services which provide a turnkey service managing inventory, packaging orders, and shipping/tracking.  These ‘white label’ services are invisible to the buyer, but provide an invaluable ability for many internet businesses to grow rapidly and profitably while minimizing their capital requirements.

InstantCard’s white label service is a comparable service for security dealers and installers, focused on the specific requirement to produce on-demand photo ID cards for access control systems.  InstantCard is an invisible fulfillment partner, ensuring rapid, low-cost fulfillment of badge orders.

RFID/prox cards are the basis for most access control systems, and provide an important revenue stream to dealers.  Additional added-value can be provided through card personalization, but this is often a revenue opportunity which is difficult for dealers to tap into.  Producing cards on-demand for clients is costly and time consuming, therefore rarely profitable.  As a result, dealers often sell a card printer to a client needing photo ID cards, which may not be justified for the size of the client, and prevents any opportunity to provide the service which the clients prefer.

InstantCard’s white label service is a highly automated platform to efficiently produce and mail custom photo id cards on demand, even individual cards.  Dealers win back client loyalty for their card business, and add a profitable recurring monthly revenue (RMR) stream to their product catalogue.  No web skills are required, yet the dealer presents to his clients a highly customized website allowing them to order and receive the cards they require.

When dealers have to print cards in-house for clients, they tend to use traditional, manual systems which are poorly adapted for the task: email, spreadsheets, low-quality printers, inappropriate software, copy/paste, manual mailing, etc.  The result is a high cost of fulfillment.  InstantCard has a highly efficient, optimized service which performs the same service at a very low cost.  The dealer generates high-margin fees with no additional workload on his staff.

The dealer/systems integrator has access to the InstantCard portal to set up his clients online, and to design card templates for them.  Then, via a simple link on the dealer’s website, the customer is then able to enter ID card data and order them for printing.  Everything is seamless, the customer only sees a dealer-branded website.  InstantCard takes care of ensuring the cards are printed on the correct card stock, are printed on high-quality thermal re-transfer printers, and are properly mailed to the end user.  InstantCard provides monthly reports to the dealer of activity by customer for billing purposes.

White Label Service ScreenshotOnce a dealers’ client is set up to order on-demand photo ID cards from the dealer, there is a strong tendancy to always purchase cards this way, rather than shop around for alternative lower-cost suppliers.  Card fulfillment becomes a strong tool for client retention and recurring revenues.  There is an ongoing relationship which allows the dealer to propose new services, rather than lose contact with the client.

And as the systems integrator becomes a trusted supplier of photo ID cards, clients look to them for a wider range of identity management solutions, beyond access control.  The difference between a blank white prox card, and a printed photo ID card, is that the latter can be used for a broad range of secure services, not just access control.  The systems integrator, supplying the on-demand badging service, therefore positions himself to offer a wider range of security solutions to his clients.