There are many different professions and situations which could warrant needing immediate access to an individuals medical information. Firefighters, construction workers, employees working in hazardous environments in general. Being able to pull an individual’s medical information quickly can be a matter of life and death. At InstantCard we have the ability for your emergency medical information to be provided with your employee ID cards through our Credential Verification Service (CVS).

When creating employees in the CVS system you can upload a sheet of information which lists the critical medical information on each employee. In case of an emergency this information can provide Blood type, Pre-existing conditions, Allergies, Doctor contact info, and more. The page of information is uploaded as a single-page PDF to the CVS service and marked as “priority”. The CVS system will list any page marked “priority” at the top, before any other credentials. When an Emergency Responder scans the employee’s CVS card, the first thing to come up with be the “Emergency Medical Information”.

When the QR code on the badge is read it goes to the employee’s information with the medical information being right there. This provides a quick and easy way for emergency responders to assist the individual in the event of an emergency and get them help faster.

What is the Credential Verification Service?

CVS qr code credentials card

Most courses and training programs result in the issuance of a certificate of completion, which confirms that the student has successfully completed the requisite classes, and has attained specific qualifications. Traditional certificates or diplomas are printed on

paper, and are not well-suited for credentials which must be shown on a regular basis. To complement traditional certificates, more and more organizations are issuing personalized wallet cards, made from credit card-type durable plastic stock, which are printed with the training certifications received, as well as the personal information on the bearer of the credentials.

InstantCard photo ID cards can be custom designed to include a wide range of information on both the holder of the credential, as well as the credential itself. Each organization which provides training and education programs will design its own card, with its own logo, and the specifics of the various programs completed. These can include one single program, or multiple programs depending on the nature of the coursework which has been undertaken.

If you would like to learn more about our CVS system you can go here.