Every day 80% of our orders are for just one or two cards. We’re more than ok with this. The InstantCard service is specifically designed to facilitate small batch orders. Our declining balance system of accounting is just one way we accomplish this. Our clients really appreciate this system—it reduces needless low-value invoices and is more secure. It is also ideal for multi-site corporations which have cards sent to numerous locations.

Prospective clients, however, often ask about this system. We usually explain that it works like a postage meter. At InstantCard we like to make our practices as clear as possible. So, we decided to make a little video explaining this. Now you know why we ask for an initial deposit of $180. After that, all deposit amounts are up to you—based on the specific needs of your company. Whether you order one card or 10,000 cards, we are happy to serve your ID card needs!

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Here’s the original script:

Instantcard’s clients really appreciate our declining balance system of accounting, which works a lot like a postage meter, and saves them a lot of time.

Every day, 80% of our orders are for just 1 or 2 cards at a time. Rather than issue an invoice every time you order a card, the fee is simply deducted from your account. So you don’t have to enter a credit card for each small order.

Multi-site corporations can have cards sent directly to local offices, and charges are deducted from the same account, again avoiding lots of low-value invoices.

When your account balance reaches zero, you just add any amount, based on the number of cards you’ll need in the coming months. We don’t keep any credit card information on file, and there are never any automatic debits.

Not only does InstantCard’s accounting system simplify purchases, it is also much more secure. If you still have any questions, feel free to call. Or, stop by—we’ll buy you a coffee!