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InstantCard’s February 2014 Newsletter

Announcing Mobile ID Card Ordering!

We are very pleased to announce that a mobile app is now available to allow authorized users to order ID cards directly from their smartphones or tablets.  The app allows customers to take the photo of the new employee or member with their phone, then enter their name, title and other details, in just a few seconds, from just about anywhere.  The app replicates all the features you are familiar with from our easy-to-use desktop service, but adapted to mobile devices.  Users still see an image of the card prior to ordering, and have options for shipping and delivery.

An example of a typical use-case is an ambulance service with many different geographic locations.  Each location hires new EMT techs fairly infrequently, but the ability to order the ID card as soon as the person is hired, from the field, was compelling.  Another example is a franchise organization where small local operations don’t have well-equipped office facilities, therefore the ability for the manager to order cards any time, while on the move, was very attractive.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss whether mobile card ordering might be something useful to your organization.

Credential Verification Service adds a new dimension to your ID Card program

The InstantCard CVS (Credential Verification Service) can significantly enhance the services obtained from your ID badges. After a badge is issued, employees continue to take training and continuing education courses. Rather than re-printing the badge each time a new certification is obtained, the QR code on the employee’s badge allows on-line checking of current up-to-the-minute credentials and qualifications.

This service is particularly useful for businesses which need to check a certain person’s qualifications right there on the spot.  Construction, maintenance and field worker industries find this a huge value-added service.  Using the CVS service, you will be able to manage online all of your employee’s current training records.  The badge, via its QR code, links up to your live database, allowing you to update the qualifications of any of your staff as needed.

Scan the QR code below to give it a try:

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We are excited to be at Safety 2014!

Come visit us at Safety 2014 in June 8-11 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.  We will be demonstrating a variety of new services, including CVS, focused on augmenting safety in the workplace.  Get more information at

Multiple Benefits for Multi-Site Corporations 

More and more large companies such as United Stationers have seen the value of outsourcing their ID card production to InstantCard. We are able to facilitate and streamline the badging process over their entire network much faster and much cheaper than if they were to do it themselves in house.  We bring our unique expertise to large companies and ensure their identity policies are consistently implemented company-wide.  We support all local offices throughout the USA, providing even the smallest locations with the highest-quality service.  InstantCard becomes an integral part of the human resources team, ensuring full compliance company-wide with their personnel security and identification policies.  Using our API’s, many of our clients, including United Stationers, order their cards directly from their HR systems to make the card ordering process even more efficient than ever.

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