A significant number of our clients still request signature strips on their ID and membership cards, since they perceive that this enhances the security and authenticity of the card.  Of course, we provide cards exactly the way our clients want them, and we’re happy to deliver cards with a signature strip.  But if anyone does happen to ask our opinion, we tell them that signatures are becoming completely outdated and obsolete as a means of identity verification.

Recently, the banking industry decided to remove signature strips from the backs of credit cards.  As you can see in this article from Forbes Magazine, “Say Goodbye to the Credit Card Signature”, even the industry most concerned with fraud has decided that signatures no longer really offer enhanced security.  And once the financial services industry makes this determination, we think that all others still clinging to the quaint notion that a signature gives some sort of validity to a card will come to their senses.  After all, when was the last time that a cashier checked your signature when you were making a purchase at the store.  And how does that work when you make a purchase online?

Rest assured, we will continue to support customers that do wish to have employees sign their cards for “security” reasons.  But we expect the percentage of those clients to fall significantly in the months and years ahead.