Some employees work in tough conditions, and as a result their photo id cards need to be able to withstand a lot more abuse than the typical office workers’ badge.  Examples include construction, mining, street maintenance, and many other “dirty” jobs.

There are three main options for making your ID cards last longer in spite of rough handling:

  1. Lamination: cards can be ordered with an additional plastic overlay which adds a supplementary layer of protection against the elements
  2. Card Stock: cards can be printed on composite card stock, composed of layers of PVC and PET plastic.  Compared with standard PVC-only cards, these cards stand up to abuse much better, and thus last a lot longer
  3. Badge Holders: further protection can be provided by using a clear sleeve, made of either rigid or flexible plastic, to encase the card.

If your company’s staff members work outdoors, especially in hot or cold or rugged conditions, you should consider enhancing their ID cards to ensure that they continue to look as good as possible, even when subject to rough handling.  Contact an InstantCard staff member to discuss which options would work best for your needs and requirements.