Child ID CardsIDs for our Children

Recently, we’ve had quite a few people contact us about making children identification cards. This should come as no surprise as giving your children ID cards is a great idea—it’s often suggested by police. Not only does it help people find information to contact you if your child goes missing, but they are a great place to keep your child’s emergency medical information.

Child identification cards are such a good idea, in fact, that a few of us at InstantCard, who happen to also be parents (that’s my kid in the picture), decided to create a site to print such child ID cards. This way we can provide affordable, extremely durable child photo IDs, while also allowing you to order a single id card instead of having to buy in bulk. This also makes it easy and inexpensive to replace a missing card. We also made sure to give you plenty of related options as to what information you can include on the child id card.

All of the fields are optional, Including the child’s name and your contact information, so you can only include what identification information you may feel is necessary. We also included several custom fields for anything else you might want to add to the durable, PVC identification card. Additionally, we have plans to offer different designs and related card options in the future if the service proves successful.

Also, thanks to special requests, we have added special templates for the quick identification of special needs and emergency information. As of this writing, we have specialized templates for heart conditions and Autism. But, we welcome suggestions for any other specialized cards the community feels might be beneficial.

We created to help you keep your children safe and happy. We believe, we can best dot his with your valuable feedback. So, please, visit the site and let us know what you think. We hope you will contact us with any thoughts, suggestions, or special requests.

As with our other ID card options, your child id card is printed on durable PVC card stock, using scratch-resistant, thermal retransfer printing. Basically, they look and feel just like your driver license, and are just as durable.

Feel free to check out the Child ID Cards FAQ, should you have any questions about the service.

If you need regular employee ID badges, don’t fret, we still make those!

Where can I get a photo ID for my child

If you need a legal ID, you may get one at your local DMV. This will contain their basic information: Name, Date of Birth, Address, and Photo. If you need a custom ID to use for other purposes, sites like will let you choose which info to include. But these cannot be used for legal purposes.