We’ve seen quite a few articles recently discussing the phenomenon of “badge bragging.” These posts all came on the heels of posts from Brian R. Varner, with Semantec Cyber Security.

If you are not aware, “badge bragging” is where an individual shows off their job by posting a photo of them with their ID badge to social media.

The problem is that most photos on social media are posted at a fairly high resolution. So, an individual could use that photo to create a fake ID badge. What’s more, they can easily recreate any barcodes which are on the badge, causing a serious security hazard.

In this episode of The Big IDea (video above), Dave explains not only why employees shouldn’t do this, but some of the ways employers can help reduce security risks from badge bragging.

Taking these ideas a step forward, he suggests that companies should actually issue separate access control badges and employee photo ID badge flash passes. Then, the access control card can contain just a smart chip and no information identifying where it grants access to.

This way, even if a flash pass shows up in a photo, there are no access control features which may be duplicated. Furthermore, if the access control card is lost, there is far less chance of it being used to obtain illicit access to your facility.

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