Identity Cards in SchoolHaving a convenient and effective way to identify the students at your educational facility is essential if you want to provide a safe and enjoyable campus experience for students, teachers, administrative staff, and others who interact with your enrollees on a regular basis. This is where student ID cards come in.

Remember, student IDs are multifunctional — schools use them for a range of reasons and thus having a solution that meets their unique set of operational requirements is key. If you’re curious about the benefits of identity cards in school or you’re interested in learning more about their various functions, keep reading. This article will cover everything you need to know.

What is a Student ID Card?

A student ID card is an official, authorized card used to verify that an individual is eligible to receive any rights, liberties, or permissions granted to those enrolled in a specific educational institution. A school ID card scanner (or other technology) is used to confirm the authenticity of the card prior to access or permissions being granted to the card holder.

What Are the Benefits of a Student ID Card?

There are many advantages associated with offering students a smart ID card for school, including:

  1. A Safer School Environment

One of the major benefits of identification cards that use radio frequency identification (RFID) is how difficult they are to replicate or falsify. These smart ID cards for schools use advanced technology (biometrics, near field communication, etc.) to confirm the individual’s identity, making it nearly impossible for fraudsters to duplicate the card or create a fake copy with the same functionality.

  1. Improved Access Control

Not every student has access to the same amenities, resources, or facilities on any given campus, which is a crucial factor when considering the importance of identity card in schools. With smart ID cards, you can ensure that all students are capable of accessing only what they have permission to access, without the need for constant monitoring or hands-on data entry. 

  1. Streamlined Record-Keeping

It requires an insurmountable amount of paperwork to run an educational institution effectively, so any technological advancement that streamlines or simplifies the record-keeping process should be welcomed with enthusiasm. This is another one of the top reasons for ID cards — they eliminate a significant amount of paperwork for administrative professionals.

  1. Less Frequent Replacements

Many schools are hesitant to implement a school ID card with chip technology due to the initial upfront costs — that is, until they realize how much money they can save over time. These cards are made from durable plastic, much like a credit card, and last far longer than traditional, paper copies of identification documents. They also require minimal time to set up, activate, or replace, so school administrators also benefit in the form of improved productivity.

Just as most of us have had the same debit or credit card for several years, smart student ID cards can last the entire duration of the student’s enrollment if cared for properly.

  1. Secure Payment Method

Students complete countless transactions while on campus, from books and library rentals, to canteen food purchases, bus fares, and fitness center passes. Smart ID cards can also function as debit cards, but unlike traditional debit cards, they are tied to student accounts, where all transactions are recorded. This is ideal for parents who would like to review their child’s spending habits or expenses and also allows the parent to preload the account with a specific amount to control spending, if desired.

There is also peace of mind in knowing that if a card is missing or stolen, the student can contact the administrative office immediately and disable the card.

How Can You Make a Student ID Card?

Yes, educational institutions can opt to design or even produce their ID cards in-house, but this is often much more time-intensive and costly than outsourcing to a trusted third-party vendor. To better understand the commitment required to produce identification cards, we have included an overview of our own thorough process below.

How to Make a Student ID Card

STEP 1 – Determine the Format

You’ll need to choose a format for your identification cards (dimensions, vertical orientation, horizontal orientation, barcodes, magnetic strips, dual-sided, single-sided, etc.). At this stage, it is important to prioritize functionality for both the student and the authenticator. 

STEP 2 – Create a Branded Design

Next, you’ll need to come up with a visually appealing design that aligns with the brand identity of your institution. You’ll want to consider features like color palette, font, logos, imagery, etc.

STEP 3 – Produce Your Design

When you have finalized your design, you’ll be ready to start printing your identification cards. To do this in-house, you’ll need an ID card printer with superior print quality, encryption capabilities, holographic lamination, etc. These devices can be quite expensive, which is why many schools choose to send their cards to an external vendor like InstantCard for production. 

STEP 4 – Complete Data Encoding

New Frontier Charter School ID Card

Once you are satisfied with the look of your student ID card, you’ll need to activate it and ensure it is properly integrated with all relevant software, hardware, etc. This will include setting up card scanners and other systems to ensure optimal functionality.

How to Make a Teacher ID Badge

The process of making a teacher ID badge is almost identical to producing a student ID card, so we won’t repeat the process. The same steps are taken, but the identification card is used for a different purpose.

How to Get a School ID Bulk Order Delivered

At InstantCard, we make it easy and hassle-free to obtain smart school ID cards. You can order online in a matter of minutes or call to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable service representatives. Our team of expert designers will produce a custom template that meets your needs, and we’ll ship your cards that very same day.

Ready to enjoy all the benefits of a student ID card? Reach out to InstantCard today.