adhesive card stockOver the years, many InstantCard clients have asked us if we can print custom photo IDs on their existing “clamshell” badges.  These are the thick, hard plastic employee ID badges that are very commonly used to open doors in buildings.  Previously, we advised those clients to replace the hard plastic badges with credit card format badges, which can be directly printed on.  All access control systems are available in both options.  And most companies find that to be an excellent solution, because the credit card format is more flexible and universal.  And if they are seeking extra longevity, they can always use badge holders made for this size card.

However, some companies still prefer to keep their “clamshell” badges, which are generally cheaper and considered to be more durable. For those customers, InstantCard is pleased to now offer an adhesive card option.  We can now print single-sided PVC cards on a thin, adhesive card stock.  When you receive the card, you just peel off the backing and carefully stick it to the flat surface of the Prox/RFID card.  These adhesive cards are available in two sizes:

  • CR-79 – This size is slightly smaller than the full credit card size, and is made to fit in the indentation formed on many clamshell cards by the thin ridge around the edge of the badge.
  • CR-80 – This is full credit card size, and covers the entire surface of the clamshell card.

hard plastic clamshell cardHow can you tell if you have clamshell cards?  If your cards look and feel like a credit card, they are not clamshell.  Clamshell cards generally are thicker than a credit card, and have one side which is completely flat and one side with slightly beveled edges. The plastic does not bend or flex the way a credit card does.

If you do choose adhesive cards, be aware that they are not appropriate for extreme temperatures.  If you leave such a card on the dashboard in the car on a hot summer day, the adhesive can begin to melt and ooze out.  But in most circumstances, this should not be a problem.

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about the possibility of adding a photo ID option to your existing clamshell cards.

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