Many companies and government agencies issue photo ID cards, but do not have an explicit policy describing what is expected of employees concerning the use of those ID cards.

employee badge policyThis checklist is designed to help you develop a robust policy, adapted to the needs of your organization, which is both practical and enforceable.

1. Who is expected to carry an ID card?
2. What are the procedures for obtaining an ID card?
3. When are they expected to carry their ID cards?
4. Are the cards to be displayed, or simply available for inspection?
5. What should an employee do if he/she forgets his ID card?
6. What are the procedures for replacing a lost ID card?
7. Who should be contacted if someone finds a stray ID card?
8. What are the procedures concerning ID cards upon termination?
9. What is the expiration or replacement cycle for ID cards?
10. For ID cards with color codes or different formats, what do they signify?
11. What ID cards are required for visitors, vendors, contractors, temporary staff, etc.?
12. Where can employees find the policies/procedures?

If your company policy answers most of the above questions, implementation of your ID card program should proceed quickly and smoothly.