Coronavirus ID cardThe Coronavirus pandemic has forced us to re-think many of the tried-and-true work procedures which we have been following for years.  We are learning from many of our new clients that dealing with the Covid-19 situation has also forced them to re-think the process of employee card issuance, a small but vital part of on-boarding a new staff member.  InstantCard is pleased to be able to support, in a small way, the ability for companies to get back to work while still implementing safe work practices.

Traditional ID Card Issuance

Traditionally, companies asked new employees to go to a central office location to obtain their photo ID card.  There they got their picture taken, and either collected their new ID badge on-the-spot, or they had to return at a later date to pick up their custom photo ID card.  This often meant taking public transportation, waiting in lines, and interacting with multiple people over a period of several hours in order to get their new photo ID.

These traditional procedures are not very compatible with most companies’ new social distancing guidelines.  Even stop-gap measures and adaptations, such as screens and masks, are not ideal.  Fortunately, many businesses are in the process of re-evaluating all of their traditional processes, trying to determine whether new systems can be put in place to reduce or eliminate the interactions previously required.  And this is one area where many companies are coming to the conclusion that it makes more sense from a safety and security standpoint to outsource ID card production.

Online ID Card Issuance

This is where an online ID Card issuance service proves its value.  From the moment a company signs up for the InstantCard service, there is no need for direct face-to-face interactions.  Everything is handled online and remotely.  For example, it is no longer necessary for the company to take an employee photo, since pictures are submitted online, and can be emailed from the employee to the HR department.  The ID card is ordered via the easy-to-use InstantCard web portal, and printed remotely.  Then the card is mailed directly to the employee, either at his office or home.

InstantCard even has options to take the Human Resources department completely out of the loop.  New employees, via the company intranet, can be given access to the card ordering service, allowing them to upload and crop their own photo,  The card is then printed according to company policies and standards, and the card is delivered to the most convenient address.  This can be done on the first day of work, or even in advance so the card is available on the person’s first day on the job.

In many cases, the HR department is itself working remotely, so they are not even able to come in to the office to print ID cards.  As a result, the previous systems couldn’t be used and needed to be updated.  This has been a driver for many of the customers recently signing up to the InstantCard service for the first time.

In addition to enhancing the safety and security of employees, moving to remote card issuance also proves to be a cost saving in most cases.  By eliminating the cost of equipment, supplies, and manpower to provide the badging service, companies can save money while adapting to the new Covid-19 working conditions.

If your company is looking to reduce the number of “touch-points” while maintaining excellent service, you may want to consider outsourcing ID card production as an easy win.