InstantCard for ADP Workforce NowAfter nearly six months of development and testing, as well as extensive security validations, InstantCard is pleased to announce that its ID card app is now listed on the ADP Workforce Now® Marketplace, and available to all ADP and InstantCard customers.  This will greatly improve the efficiency with which those corporate clients which use both services will be able to manage their daily operations.

Clients are now able to ensure automatic syncing between the master ADP HR database, and the InstantCard ID card database.  New hires, promotions, and terminations which are recorded in the online ADP HR system will be automatically reflected in the InstantCard system.  When a client first signs up, they are presented with an “import” button which allows them to receive into the InstantCard service all data, or a filtered subset of data, from their ADP account.  From that point on, any changes in the cloud-based ADP system will be sent, on a nightly basis, to InstantCard via our API.  However, clients can also at any time click a button to sync changes which have been made to ensure continuous full consistency.

Initial integration has been validated with ADP Workforce Now®, which is primarily destined for medium to large customers.  You can find our app on the ADP Marketplace by just searching for “InstantCard.”  We are proud to be the first and only photo ID card app that has been through the rigorous ADP vetting process.

Connector fees are integrated into the ADP monthly bill.  The number of employees in your database will impact the connector fees charged by ADP, with breakpoints at 500 and 1000 employees.  In general, per-card charges conform to the standard InstantCard pricing model.  And as always, the 5-star service which InstantCard offers, included guaranteed same-day printing and shipping of all card orders, is maintained for all ADP clients.

Multiple templates can be set up for different categories of personnel.  The addresses of each office can be set in the InstantCard system to allow direct shipping of cards to field locations.  And InstantCard always uses the highest quality print technology available.

More and more companies realize that outsourcing payroll processing to a specialized service like ADP is much more cost effective than continuing to run in-house systems.  Those same companies which are enlightened about outsourcing then further seek to outsource their ID card production, for many of these same reasons of efficiency and reliability.  So their ability to work with industry’s two leading providers of these services in an integrated manner is a clear win for all concerned.

As America’s largest and most well-known provider of payroll processing services, Automatic Data Processing, Inc., commonly known as ADP, is a prestigious partner for InstantCard.  While they are well known for their ability to handle complicated payroll tasks for small businesses and for giant multi-national corporations in any state, they actually offer a wide range of added-value human resource management services.  In addition to a broad set of capabilities built in to the ADP platform, they also encourage integration with leading specialty providers, through the ADP Marketplace, to further enhance the set of services available to their clients.  InstantCard is proud to have been selected as their photo ID card partner.

Both ADP and InstantCard have a very strong commitment to providing world class services. As a result both companies have been gaining market share from competitors because of their laser focus on outstanding customer support.   As new opportunities arrive for leveraging advanced technologies to innovate, you can count on both companies to continually seek better solutions to meet their customers’ rapidly evolving needs.

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