time clock card swipeMany companies track the hours of their employees through a time-clock system, whereby staff members “punch-in” upon arrival, and “punch-out” at the end of the day.  Did you know that it is extremely easy to combine this function in with your employee photo ID badges, which many companies use to verify the identities of employees both on-premises and off-premises?

Employee ID Badge time clock systems may sound complicated, but they are really very user-friendly. Most time clocks can be configured to read a range of different technologies: magstripe, RFID/prox, barcode, biometrics, etc.  Any and all of these technologies are available with the time clock badges which are ordered and printed on-demand from the InstantCard website.  Our time clock badge system allows you to choose which technology you’d like to use. When setting up your ID card time clock unique custom template, which is always a free service by our professional graphic designers, just tell us which technology your time clocks use.  We’ll then ensure that all employee time cards produced in the future will be able to be read by your card swipe time clocks as they enter and leave designated sectors.

It is very common for workers to use a single photo ID card to allow building access through the Prox feature, as well as for time tracking. The integration of ID time clock badges or stamps and the time-clock function will make life simpler for your employees, avoiding the need for multiple new time clock badges and ensuring greater compliance with corporate HR policies. Browse our web gallery to choose badges that deliver a significant technological punch.