automated email notificationA number of clients have requested that we send email confirmations whenever an order is successfully received by our system. These emails would allow them to be sure that their ID card order went through successfully and was being processed. Our tech team thought that was a great idea, so they have just rolled out this new feature.

Now if you click on your logon ID in the upper right of your screen, you will be able to go to account settings. There you can choose to “Send confirmation email when each order has been successfully submitted”. You can turn this feature on/off at will. And you can manage primary and secondary emails associated with your logon from the same page.

Many new clients will want to receive these confirmation emails as they become familiar with the workflow of the InstantCard service. Some of those clients, however, will choose to turn off the email confirmations once they gain experience, and become comfortable with the reliability with which we always print and mail orders the same day, when submitted before 4:00PM EST.

Please continue to provide us with your feedback on new features which might make InstantCard even easier to use for all your photo employee ID badge requirements!