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Our Credential Verification Service now supports time logging

We recently teamed up with TapTrack to make our Credential Verification Service even better. Now, you can use your CVS ID badges to have works check-in and check-out of a work site—one more way CVS helps make your projects more safe and secure! In [...]

More Than Just a Flash-Pass

Without a doubt, a lot of our clients require simple, classic ID badges. And, while such badges can be printed in-house, they come to us because of a general, well-deserved hatred of jammed printers. We do, however, have quite a few clients who realize that by [...]

New Introduction Video!

We just produced a new video introducing our service. The goal is to give potential clients a quick introduction. (If you'd like a more detailed view of the service, you may always check out our How-To series.) You may now find the video on our How it Works [...]

Our Declining Balance System of Accounting

Every day 80% of our orders are for just one or two cards. We're more than ok with this. The InstantCard service is specifically designed to facilitate small batch orders. Our declining balance system of accounting is just one way we accomplish this. Our clients really [...]

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