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Pre-Printing Graphics on ID cards vs. Printing All-at-Once

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Whenever a large organization is planning to roll out an ID card printing project, it has the option of choosing 1-step or 2-step printing: 1-step printing involves printing all information, both fixed and variable, on a [...]

The Big IDea: ID Card Stocks

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Most ID cards are printed using PVC plastic. And, for most clients, the cost makes this ideal. But certain clients benefit from composite card stocks.So, here, Dave talks about the differences, pros, and cons [...]

Designer Tip: Ghosted Images

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When you hear about ghosted images in relation to designs one might instantly think of watermarks. With ID cards this is not the case. When an ID has a photo of an employee on it you [...]

The Big IDea: ID Card Dimensions

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Most of our clients make use of our free template design. But, from time to time we have clients who want to provide their own designs. This is no problem, of course. But, creating [...]

The Big IDea: Badge Bragging

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We've seen quite a few articles recently discussing the phenomenon of "badge bragging." These posts all came on the heels of posts from Brian R. Varner, with Semantec Cyber Security. If you are not [...]