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Easily order employee photo ID badges from your phone!

Download the InstantCard App – its Free!

The InstantCard mobile app is now available to allow authorized users to order ID cards directly from their smartphones or tablets. The app allows customers to enter an employee’s name, title and other details, then take the photo of the new employee or member, directly their mobile device. Now you can order new ID cards in just a few seconds, from just about anywhere. The app replicates all the features you are familiar with from our easy-to-use desktop service, but adapted to mobile devices. Users still see an image of the card prior to ordering, and have options for shipping and delivery.

Enter Card data on Your Mobile Device
take id Card photo with Your Mobile Device
see card image on the screen of your Mobile Device

The InstantCard app makes card ordering from the field quick and easy

An example of a typical use-case is an ambulance service with many different geographic locations. Each location hires new EMT techs fairly infrequently, but the ability to order the ID card as soon as the person is hired, from the field, was compelling. Another example is a franchise organization where small local operations don’t have well-equipped office facilities, therefore the ability for the manager to order cards any time, while on the move, was very attractive.

Use the camera on your phone or tablet

More and more, the cameras on smartphones are supplanting traditional digital cameras. Picture quality is very high, and everyone likes the ease-of-use. Now, from within the InstantCard app, you can take a picture, crop it, and order the card – without ever having to transfer the picture to a desktop.

If your organization has multiple templates, you can choose the required template each time your order a card. If at any time you require card template changes, these are provided at no additional cost.

At this time, only the Android app is available.The iPhone/iPad app is coming soon, so please check back!

Companies using the InstantCard online photo ID services include: