screen displaying photo id cardWe’re very excited about our new capability to allow customers to order cards from a smartphone or tablet. Previously, all card ordering had been done from a PC program, a desktop browser, or via an API. But we realized that many customers were taking ID pictures with their phones, then emailing themselves the photo for card ordering. We realized we could vastly simplify that process! So now, with our new card ordering app, customers can sign on, enter the data required for producing a card, then snap the photo of the person right then and there! The card information is automatically sent to our server, and the order is queued as always for same-day printing. As always, cards can be ordered one-at-a-time, or in batches.

Very soon, a new release of the card ordering app will allow the data to be integrated with your existing InstantCard online data base, so the same personnel data will be available from a desktop or from a mobile device. The free app is available for both Android and Apple phones.

This capability has been requested by several clients with large numbers of remote branch offices, each of which process just a few new hires a year. This makes it an ideal 1-step process for them, and even allows the local branch manager to order ID cards on-the-go, not having to wait until he’s back in the office.

If this new capability is of interest to your company, please call us to discuss how a mobile service can be set up and activated on your account. We look forward to hearing from you.