InstantCard has supported both Microsoft Tags and QR Codes for several years now, and some of our customers have used them in very effective ways.

Now, however, Microsoft has announced it is terminating support for their proprietary tags. Despite some excellent technology, they just did not reach critical mass, and most everything one could do with Tags can now be done with QR codes, which are based on an open standard. For the announcement, see the Tag homepage:

We recognized some of the strengths of the MS-Tag service, but we chose to prioritize QR codes in our various ID card services because its been clear over the past year that broad consumer recognition of those tags (necessary to indicate when a user must scan with his/her phone) was far greater than for tags. Our clients are using QR codes on their photo ID cards to a wide variety of services:

  • allow access to confidential personal records
  • listing of up-to-date training/qualifications
  • time & attendance (clocking in/out)
  • tracking & monitoring

If you’d like to discuss transitioning from MS-Tags to QR codes, or how QR codes can enhance your identity badging program, don’t hesitate to contact us.