Students Traveling Overseas Need Positive Identification

International OrganizationsStudy abroad programs and international volunteer programs offer a wonderful chance to experience life from a different perspective. In any foreign country, students must have an identification card with them at all times. An ID card should have a contact phone number, the program’s name/logo, and the student’s vital information. Additionally, the card can be used to obtain discounts when visiting cultural sites. Cards help identify group members to speed up check-in and travel procedures. Every travel group should issue their own ID cards to students and employees associated with the organization.


International Businesses Need Consistent Identification

International OrganizationsConsistent, uniform ID cards can be a big step to helping overcome differences in location and culture in an international setting. All employees of a multi-national corporation should be issued common ID cards, to enhance services and corporate security. Within large corporations, most co-workers do not know each other, especially visitors from other countries. Employees who travel internationally can easily identify themselves with these international badges which serve as clear identification in order to access company facilities.

Embassies Must Identify All Staff and Visitors

Security is naturally paramount for embassies and consular offices, as it is vital to know who is checking in and out of their premises. Whether they are employees, visitors, or regular contractors, best practices require everyone to wear a photo ID card at all times. It is a quick identification method, and an important security measure to ensure safety in overseas offices. InstantCard is able to offer a number of security features to further enhance the reliability of your ID card program.

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s)

International organizations which provide care and support in developing countries must issue professional photo ID cards to help their employees and volunteers be clearly identified during their foreign travels. Within many countries, an ID card from the sponsoring organization is as important as having a passport to enter the country in the first place.

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