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InstantCard’s July 2014 Newsletter

Simplify Password Usage while Enhancing Security

Everyone is painfully aware of how hard it is to manage their passwords and keep them secure.  Fortunately, we are seeing more and more of our clients implementing “Single Sign-On” (SSO) to address this problem.  What’s SSO, you ask?  We print your photo ID cards on smartcards, that securely encrypt logon/password information in the chip which is embedded in the card.  When an employee wants to log on to the network, they just insert their ID card in a small, low-cost reader.  All they have to remember is one secure password or pass-phrase.  The chip remembers all the rest of their passwords, for each website and service.  There are many options to increase security, manage who can access to which services, and help users implement and cope with a strong-password policy.  Don’t hesitate to call us to discuss how SSO may help your organization improve password security.  

How Individuals can Order their Own Cards

We have a number of clients who want to allow authorized individuals to order their own cards, via the web, without having to take up administrative staff time. We offer an easy-to-use service to allow exactly this capability to, for example, online schools/universities/professional degree programs who wish to issue student ID cards to their remote students, or training programs who wish to allow their graduates to order credential/qualification cards.

We give our client a simple link to put on their website, allowing authorized individuals to click to order a card. They are then taken to our website, and we can also receive any non-modifiable data (such as student ID number, or training program, etc.). The individual sees the client’s banner, and is invited to enter any further information required. He/she then uploads and crops his preferred photo for the card, and sees an image of the card, as it will be printed, displayed on the screen. If the card is OK, he/she then enters the mailing address where the card is to be sent.

The card is printed and mailed within 24-hours. The individual, and the client, both receive email confirmations with an image of the card to be printed.

One option includes the printing of a personalized letter to accompany the card. Another option allows each individual to pay for the card they’re ordering at the time of order, by PayPal, at a pre-arranged fee set by the client.

This service removes many of the headaches associated with producing student and member cards: data integrity, photo upload, administrative overhead, mailing logistics, etc.


Prepare for the new school year with Staff and Student Badges

As administrators and teachers prepare for the rapidly approaching 2014-2015 school year, it is important for them to remember to get all their badges before school starts.  Schools are realizing the importance of having all their staff members carrying visible badges at all times.  Safety and security have become paramount in this field, and badges allow for easy spot checks of any people that might not belong on the school premises.

Student badges are also a great thing to offer, as they allow students to access many services and products at a discount.

We look forward to discussing the needs of your school in order to best set you up for success.

Mobile Card Ordering Update
The InstantCard mobile app has just been updated, and is now easier to use than ever.  Clients can place a complete card order from their mobile phone: take the ID picture, crop the photo, enter name and other data, and submit the card for printing.  The whole process takes less than a minute!  This is particularly useful when staff are brought on-board from offsite locations – now they don’t even have to come in the office.

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