In certain circumstances clients find it easier to allow authorized individuals to order their own cards via their website without having to take up administrative staff time. For example, online schools or universities who wish to issue student ID cards to their remote students might find it easier to allow the students to order their own ID cards on their website. We offer an easy-to-use service which allows exactly this capability.

middle school student id

We would give our client a link to put on their website where authorized individuals can go to order a card. Once the individual clicks the link they are taken to a simple page on our website designed around the client’s company. The individual would be greeted with a form with required information they would need to fill in for their card and then upload and crop their preferred photo. Once all information and the photo is entered they would then get a preview of the card and how it will be printed. If the card is OK then they can enter their mailing address to have the card shipped to them.

All individual card orders are printed and mailed within 24-hours. Once the order is placed both the client and individual will receive confirmation emails with an image of the card to be printed. If there are any issues with the card preview, mailing address, or any other concerns either the client or individual can contact [email protected] to have it corrected or ask any questions.

Clients also get the option of having InstantCard send out personalized letters to accompany each card. When an order is received at InstantCard a letter from the client will also print and get packaged with the card along with with any accessories the client has requested. A lot of the time this letter includes instructions specific to the client/organization or is a simple welcome letter.

Another option we offer is to have each individual pay for the card they’re ordering at the time of order, by PayPal, at a pre-arranged fee set by the client. This is great for membership-based services the client might offer.

The individual card ordering service removes many of the headaches associated with producing student and member cards: data integrity, photo upload, administrative overhead, mailing logistics, etc. If this is something you think would be a good addition to your account or something which would be beneficial to your operation please don’t hesitate to contact InstantCard to go over the details and how to get it set up.