safety for kids at schoolWith summer half-way over, many school administrators are already beginning to plan for the 2015-2016 school year.

Since safety of our children is always a paramount concern, many school principals are wondering what should be their policy for staff and visitor ID badging. An increasing number of K-12 schools are implementing policies which require ALL adults on campus to be identified, at all times, with a badge. Visitors must register and receive a temporary badge. Faculty and staff are required to always wear their photo ID badge. Regular visitors, such as PTA members and parent volunteers, are issued badges similar to those of staff members. Students are informed of the policy, and requested to identify any adult not wearing a badge to a staff member. Enforcement of this policy, designed to prevent some of the tragic incidents seen in recent years, depends on all staff members diligently following school policy on identification badges.

InstantCard has worked with hundreds of schools across the nation, and has seen a wide variety of identification programs undertaken. If you would like to discuss which aspects of an effective ID card program make sense for your school, just give us a call.