The most important consideration in choosing your ID card supplier is, of course, matching the service offered to your organisation’s exact requirements.  When evaluating potential service providers, you need to look carefully at the details of the service offering, and then make sure that the service descriptions are backed up by verified reviews from satisfied customers.

But there is an equally important consideration that buyers often overlook: what is the scope of the services offered by the company I’m planning to buy from?  For certain purchases, a broad scope of products (such as the variety found at a typical department store) is an advantage.  In other situations, you’ll receive better advice at a dedicated shop, like buying high-end ski equipment at a specialty shop, rather than a department store.

Now, if you are looking for a service provider to outsource your ID card production, do you really want that company to also be selling a wide range of other products and services?

Some companies in the ID card business sell hundreds of products: printers, supplies, laminators, software, access control systems, accessories, etc. etc.  If your potential supplier falls into this category, you may need to ask yourself:

  • Will my sales rep really try to sell me the service which fits my needs best, or perhaps try to sell me something else which just earns him more commission?
  • Will the service provider’s customer support be diluted by the need to support a wide range of products and services, of which mine represents only a small percentage?
  • Are all those reviews of the company really relevant to me, or are many of them based on a completely different product or service from that which I am seeking from this company?

Here at InstantCard we only provide one single service: photo ID cards on-demand.  If you need to buy a printer or other equipment, we can’t help you.  But if you are looking for a company which is laser-focused on providing the best online experience in the ID card business, at the lowest cost, then we should be on your list.