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This service allows authorized persons to order individual ARES membership cards one-by-one. After entering your data and uploading your photo, you will enter your mailing address so the card may be mailed directly to your home.

Click here to order your ARES Radio Operator ID Card

Click here to order your ARES State Coordinator ID Card

Click here to order your ARES State Support Staff ID Card

Click here to order your ARES Group Coordinator ID Card

Upon receipt of your order, your card will be printed and mailed out within 24 hours (business days only).
If you have any questions or concerns about this service, please contact [email protected].

The Amateur Radio Emergency Services are run by ARRL, national association for Amateur Radio. ARRL is a group of radio amateurs and is noncommercial. The vast majority of active radio amateurs in the US are part of ARRL. ARRL’s underpinnings as Amateur Radio’s witness, partner and forum are defined by five pillars: Public Service, Advocacy, Education, Technology, and Membership.

Interest in Amateur Radio is membership’s only real requirement.

ARRL’s Vision Statement
As the national association for Amateur Radio in the United States, ARRL:

  • Supports the awareness and growth of Amateur Radio worldwide;
  • Advocates for meaningful access to radio spectrum;
  • Strives for every member to get involved, get active, and get on the air;
  • Encourages radio experimentation and, through its members, advances radio technology and education; and
  • Organizes and trains volunteers to serve their communities by providing public service and emergency communications.

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